Sika Cemcrete - Causal Star
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Sika® CemCrete, when used in combination with cement, improves the shortcoming of plain cement. Sika® CemCrete acrylic polymer enhances the properties of cement slurry/ mortar/concrete making them an excellent choice for use in new construction as well as renovation work


  • Sika® CemCrete is a composite waterproof coating system when used in combination with cement, glass fibre, silica sand, etc.
  • Suitable for waterproofing of :
  • Roof terraces, roof slabs, balconies Basements
  • Water tanks
  • Sunshades
  • Sunken toilets Swimming pools Other wet areas.
  • Also suitable for repair and renovation works for use as : Bonding agent
  • Making polymer modified mortar
  • Standard coating system can be further reinforced by placing SikaFab 1 fabric layer in between 1st and the 2nd coat.


  • Durable and hard wearing surface on application Easy to apply by brush, slurry consistency
  • Excellent bonding with most of the substrates. Protects against water penetration, salt & carbonation Non-corrosive to steel & iron
  • Vapour permeable
  • Can be used for treatment of leaching and saltpetre action Moderate crack bridging properties
  • UV ray resistant
  • Suitable for contact with potable water when protected with a screed.


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