Sika Chapdur (Non-metallic mineral dry shake floor hardener) - Causal Star
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Non-metallic mineral dry shake floor hardener

Sika® Chapdur is a one part, preblended, coloured mineral dry shake hardener for concrete comprising of cement, specially selected natural mineral aggregates, admixtures and pigments.

Packing Size - 30kg


  • Sika® Chapdur provides a hard wearing, mineral dry shake topping for monolithic floors. When sprinkled and trowelled into fresh wet concrete floors, it forms a coloured, wears resistant smooth surface
  • Typical uses are in warehouses, factories, shopping malls, public areas, restaurants and museums

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Good wear resistance rating
  • Impact resistance
  • Cost effective surface hardener
  • Dustproof
  • Easy cleaning
  • Increased resistance to oils and grease
  • Quality assured factory blending
  • Suppresses superficial fibres in concrete
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