Sika Ferogard 901 - Causal Star
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Sika® FerroGard® -901 is a liquid concrete admixture based on Sika® FerroGard® Technology for use in reinforced concrete and mortar. It acts as a corrosion inhibitor for the steel reinforcement. By using Sika® FerroGard® -901, life expectancy and durability will be substantially increased.

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Sika® FerroGard® -901 is designed for reinforced concrete particularly at risk of corrosion. It specifically provides protection from chloride-induced corrosion. Typical uses are in:

  • Concrete roads.
  • Bridges.
  • Tunnels.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Multi-storey car parks.

Characteristics / Advantages

By using Sika® FerroGard® -901 both the anodic and cathodic reactions of the electrochemical corrosion process are reduced. The product forms a film on the steel surface which delays the onset of corrosion and also reduces the rate of corrosion. Sika® FerroGard® -901 is a combination of organic corrosion inhibitors. The following advantages can be achieved using Sika® FerroGard® -901:

  • Corrosion protection for embedded reinforcing steel, especially from chloride attack.
  • Protection from the destructive influences of reinforcement corrosion
  • No negative influences on the properties of both the fresh and the hardened concrete. Sika® FerroGard® -901 is neutral to hydrogen embrittlement of prestressed steel i.e. it neither enhances nor limits hydrogen embrittlement of prestressing steel.
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