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Sika® Injection-202 IN is a very low viscous, elastic and solvent-free polyurethane injection resin. In contact with water, a uniform, closed and therefore watertight pore structure forms, which is elastic and flexible.

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  • Sika® Injection-202 IN is used for permanent watertight sealing with some flexibility to absorb limited movement, in dry, damp or water-bearing cracks and joints in concrete, brickwork and natural stone
  • Sika® Injection-202 IN can be used for the injection of the Sika® Fuko System (non-re-injectable!)
  • For use in water-bearing cracks under hydrostatic pressure, preliminary injection with shall be made with Sika® Injection-101h


  • Permanently elastic, can absorb limited movements
  • No shrinkage in subsequent dry conditions
  • Due to its low viscosity, it can penetrate into cracks >0.2 mm in width
  • Cured Sika® Injection-202 IN is inert and chemically-resistant
  • Solvent-free, environmentally friendly, usable in groundwater protection zones
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