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Sika® Latex Power is a synthetic rubber emulsion which when added to cement slurry/ cement mortar/concrete/grout provides good adhesion and water resistance. It comes in the form of a milky liquid. It is fully soluble in water and is to be added directly to the gauging water of mortar/concrete/ cementitious grout.

Technical Data Sheet

Sika Latex Power


  • For waterproofing of roof slabs, sunken slabs, basements, water tanks, sunshades etc. in combination with cement
  • As a bonding agent for uses in repair and plastering
  • For making polymer mortar for repairs mortars etc.
  • Treatment for leaching and saltpetre action
  • Multipurpose mortar admixture for injection grouts


Improves elasticity, flexibility, tensile strength of cement and reduces cracking

Makes the mortar waterproof and reduces susceptibility to acids and gases, salt petre action etc.

Mortar with Sika® Latex Power shows extremely good bonding to bases like concrete, stone, brick etc.

Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout and improves bond of cured injected materials with substrates

Sika Latex Power can be diluted with water (1 : 4 - 6) depending on the type of application

Screed required with Sikacim®/ Sika® Plastocrete Super to protect waterproofing layer

Standard coating system can be further reinforced by placing Sika Fab 1 fabric layer in between 1st and the 2nd coat.

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