Sika Plastiment 2001 NS - Causal Star
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Water reducing cum integral waterproofing admixture

A liquid mid-range water-reducing cum waterproofing concrete admixture with a powerful plasticizing effect. Also, a substantial water reduction can be achieved to promote high ultimate strengths at the high dosage range.

Technical Data Sheet

Sika Plastiment 2001 NS


Plastiment® 2001 NS can be used for high-quality concrete in difficult conditions such as High temperature; long haul; ready mix concrete and wherever high-quality dense concrete is required.


Plastiment® 2001 NS provides the following beneficial properties :

  • Long-lasting control of slump loss
  • Very good for ready mix concrete plants where long haulage is there Improved workability without increasing water
  • Reduced water without loss of workability
  • Improved water tightness/waterproofing
  • Increased ultimate strength
  • Improved surface finish
  • Chloride-free
  • Does not attack re-inforcement
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