Sika Plastocrete Plus - Causal Star
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A concrete / mortar admixture in liquid form that acts both as a plasticizer and waterproofing compound.

Technical Data Sheet

Sika Plastocrete Plus


Plastocrete® Plus is recommended for use in structural concrete such as:

  • Sloped Roof Slab
  • Flat Roof Slab
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Slabs etc

Also used in:

  • Internal and external plaster of buildings etc.
  • Repair and renovation


Plastocrete® Plus provides the following beneficial properties :

  • Improved workability without increased water content
  • Allows easier compaction leading to denser concrete and superior finish
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Improved water tightness
  • Chloride free - does not attack reinforcement
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