Sika Rapid-1 - Causal Star
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Sika® Rapid-1 increases the early strength of concrete and mortar without affecting the initial workability and final strength.

Technical Data Sheet

Sika Rapid-1


Sika Rapid-1 is especially suitable for any application where fast early strength development plays a major role, or is of crucial importance within 6 to 24hours. Sika Rapid-1 can be used for the following applications:

  • Pre cast concrete
  • Site batched concrete
  • Ready mixed concrete where early de- moulding is essential
  • Slip- form concrete
  • In cold ambient temperatures to achieve sufficient strength gain


Sika Rapid-1 provides the following advantages through accelerated hardening of the concrete:

  • When applied with a plasticizer it will not change the fresh concrete properties produced by plasticizer
  • Faster turnaround of form work in pre cast applications
  • Early release of stressing cables in pre stressed concrete structures
  • Reduced or eliminated heat or steam curing
  • Fast construction processes and early load bearing capacity
  • Does not contain chloride
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