Sika Rustoff 100 - Causal Star
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Sika® Rustoff 100 is a single component liquid that removes rust and prevents further rusting of steel structures by providing a passivating coat.

Technical Data Sheet

Sika Rustoff 100


Sika Rustoff 100 removes rust and prevents further rusting of:

  • New or old reinforcement steel in construction
  • Embedded steel in repairable structures
  • Various steel structures like tanks, water pipelines, effluent pipelines, trusses, purlins, rafters etc.
  • Ball bearings, valves, tools etc.
  • Ideal for protecting reinforcements with insufficient cover or in thin sections


  • Removes rust
  • Prevents further rusting by providing a passivating coat
  • To be applied with brush, cotton waste swab or spray gun on the affected metal surface
  • Easy to apply since it is in liquid form
  • For repairable structures when applied with brush /spray gun can reach even the most difficult rusted areas with congested reinforcements
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