Sikagard® PU UR (W) - Causal Star
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Sikagard®PU UR (W) is a single component, coloured, waterborne acrylic/polyurethane resin-based surface coating containing an organic in-film preservative.


  • Coloured seal coating for internal walls and ceilings
  • For concrete, bricks, cement-based and gypsum substrates, metallic surfaces, timber, tiles and plastic
  • Suitable for cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Also suitable for food and beverage industry, hospitals, healthcare facilities, kitchens, prisons and leisure facilities.
  • Maintenance layer on existing coatings


  • Easy application
  • Fast-drying, two coats in one working day
  • Elastomeric, resists cracking and flaking
  • Good resistance to repeated cleaning regimes using mild detergents and cleaning solutions
  • Impact, scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Seamless, glossy, easy-clean finish
  • Good covering and hiding power (opacity)
  • Low odour




1.0 kg, 4 kg

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