SikaPlast 4202 NS (Superplasticizer for concrete) - Causal Star
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SikaPlast®-4202 NS is the latest development of superplasticizer for concrete. It meets the requirements for high range water reducing superplasticizers.


SikaPlast®-4202 NS is a unique multipurpose superplasticiser that is particularly suitable for the production of ready mixed concrete. Additionally it provides high water reduction and improved fresh concrete characteristics.

With its outstanding cost / performance SikaPlast®-4202 NS is used for the following:

  • A wide range of applications where excellent workability is required
  • Concrete with high water reduction
  • High efficient concrete applications
  • Variable use in different concrete systems with different raw materials


SikaPlast®-4202 NS is a powerful superplasticiser based on advanced technology which gives the following advantages:

  • Strong water reduction, resulting in high density, high strength and reduced permeability
  • Less sensitive against variations in aggregates and / or different cement types
  • High efficiency even at low dosage rates
  • Extended workability in conjunction with subsequent strength development
  • Superior plasticising effect, resulting in improved flow, placing and compaction characteristics


Light Brown liquid


255 kg HDPE carboy and Tanker supply

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