SikaRep® Microcrete-4
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SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is factory designed pourable, shrinkage compensated, high performance microconcrete with selected cement, aggregate and other chemicals. Recommended water and coarse aggregate to be added at site as per requirement.

USES SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is suitable for producing high performance micro-concrete for deep repairs to all concrete structures such as: ▪ Highway bridges and culverts ▪ Whafts and jetties ▪ Tunnels and mines ▪ Dams and reservoirs ▪ Car parks and basements ▪ Power stations ▪ Sewerage and water treatment structures ▪ Anywhere where localised deep repair is required Anywhere additional thickness is required (column and beam jacketing, etc.) ▪ Structrural strengthening of structure by section enlargement

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