SikaRep Microcrete-4 - Causal Star
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30kg bag

SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is factory designed pourable, non shrink, repair concrete with selected cement, aggregate and other chemicals. Recommended water and coarse aggregate to be added at site as per requirement.

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SikaRep® Microcrete-4 is mainly recommended for the repair of damaged concrete structures e.g.

  • Columns
  • Beams
  • Slabs
  • It is also recommended for grouting of large gaps.


A properly designed concrete which can be pumped or poured into restricted placement without any vibration.

  • Expansion system compensates for shrinkage settlement in plastic stage.
  • Easy to mix and apply, high flow characteristic, rapid strength development.
  • Good bond with old concrete.
  • Contains no added chloride.
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