SikaTop Armatec-108* (Anti-Corrosive Rebar Coating) - Causal Star
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SikaTop Armatec®-108* is the cement-based, polymer-modified 2-component coating for corrosion protection of steel and metal.

Packaging - Pre-dosed non-returnable packs (A+B) in units of 5 kg.


SikaTop Armatec®-108 * is used for:

  • Protection of metal structure from corrosion.
  • Repair of damage reinforced concrete with corroded reinforcing bars resulting from carbonation.
  • Against the action of Calcium Chlorides and de-icing salts.
  • Preventive protection of reinforcing bars in slim reinforced concrete sections and filigree constructions.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent adhesion to steel
  • Good bonding coat for subsequent cement and epoxy-based repair mortar
  • Good barrier effect against water, chlorides and CO2
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Non-inflammable


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